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Cocktail Flavours

Strawberry Daiquiri

The taste of summer in a glass. Whether you're on the beach, in the backyard or by the pool, Strawberry Daiquiris are perfectly refreshing and delicious

Customer to supply : 1 litre of White Rum

Mango Daiquiri

Mangoes on the mind? Try this delicious tropical concoction, the taste of fresh mango and white rum to transport yourself to a more enticing climate.

Customer to supply : 1 litre of White Rum

Pina Colada

The official beach drink, the taste of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut, sweet and the reason why you pine for summer.

Customer to supply : 1 litre of white rum, 2 litres of pineapple juice

Lime Margarita

On the rocks or frozen? Frozen, of course! With the taste of fresh lime juice margaritas always lead to a good time.

Customer to supply : 1 litre of Tequila

Fruit Tingle

A real fruit tingle flavour leaving your taste buds craving for more and a fabulous colour.

Customer to supply : 1 litre of Vodka

Blue Lagoon

A brilliant, turquoise 1970s classic, the Blue Lagoon may look and sound tropical, but it's a deliciously tangy, citrus harmony of vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade. Delicious.

Customer to supply :  1 litre of Vodka

Tropical Dream

Refreshingly frozen & fruity flavour with a hint of coconut and a tropical sunset colour.

Customer to supply : 500mls of White Rum, 500mls of Coconut Rum

Cosmopolitan Cocktail.jpg


The classic cocktail from Sex and the City is made with the refreshing taste of cranberries and lime.

Customer to supply : 1 litre of Vodka

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