Cocktail Flavours

Strawberry Daiquiri

 The taste of summer in a glass. Whether you're on the beach, in the backyard or by the pool, Strawberry Daiquiris are perfectly refreshing and delicious 

 Customer to supply : 2 x 700mls of White Rum 

Mango Daiquiri

 Mangoes on the mind? Try this delicious tropical concoction, the taste of fresh mango and white rum to transport yourself to a more enticing climate. 

 Customer to supply : 2 x 700mls of White Rum 

Pina Colada

 The official beach drink, the taste of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut, sweet and the reason why you pine for summer. 

 Customer to supply : 1 x 700mls White Rum 1 x 700mls Coconut Rum 

Lime Margarita

 On the rocks or frozen? Frozen, of course! With the taste of fresh lime juice margaritas always lead to a good time. 

 Customer to supply : 2 x 700mls of Tequila 

Fruit Tingle

A real fruit tingle flavour leaving your taste buds craving for more and a fabulous colour. 

 Customer to supply : 2 x 700mls of Vodka 

Blue Lagoon

A brilliant, turquoise 1970s classic, the Blue Lagoon may look and sound tropical, but it's a deliciously tangy, citrus harmony of vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade. Delicious. 

 Customer to supply : 2 x 700mls of Vodka 

Tropical Dream

 Refreshingly frozen & fruity flavour with a hint of coconut and a tropical sunset colour. 

 Customer to supply : 1 x 700mls White Rum 1 x 700mls Coconut Rum