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Big Screen Events can provide a projector screen to suit your needs whether that be for an indoor or an outdoor application. Presently used with front projection, all our screens adopt a 16:9 or wide ratio format.

Portable Indoor Screens


These screens are designed for indoor use  and are portable, quick and easy to erect screens, taking only a few minutes to set up and pull down making them ideal for presentations. Screen heights are easily adjustable with the push of a button to cater for different height tables your projector may be on.

Floor Screen

Tripod Screen

Indoor/Outdoor Screens


Our indoor/outdoor screens have been designed in a unique way to cater for the use on flat or sloping ground and have the ability to keep operating in  wet conditions if need be. These screens use a rigid aluminium frame which allows us to eliminate the need for a blower fan and front tethers for supports compared to outdoor blow up screens. The screen surfaces are made from an ultra smooth white blockout material to give the most vibrant, natural looking colours, along with a wrinkle free surface to give the most smoothest image possible. With the ability to provide four sizes in outdoor screens there is a size to cater for any event. Screen sizes available in a 3 metre, 4.5 metre, 6 metre and an 8 metre.

4.5 screen....jpg

Size : 3 metre

Viewing Area : 5 sqm

Size : 4.5 metre

Viewing Area : 10 sqm

Size : 6 metre

Viewing Area : 17 sqm

Size : 8 metre

Viewing Area : 28 sqm

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