Lighting and Fog

We have a range of professional DJ and stage lighting effects in LED and lasers. Each light effect produces a colourful unique pattern with the majority being sound activated. *This means they are able to either change direction, speed and pattern with every beat of the music producing a remarkable light show. These are a must for any party to add a great dancing atmosphere, or as stage lighting for special events.

A fog machine is used to enhance any lighting effect by partially filling the room with fog. The straight beams of coloured light become more visible as they penetrate through the fog adding a more intense visual effect.

Drawing Star Laser
Sound activated*
Fireworks Pro 2 Laser
Sound activated*
Northern Lights Laser
Moon Star Laser
Wave LED
UV LED Bar 16
Sound activated*
UV LED Eco Bar
Intimidator Spot 350
Sound activated*
Mirror Ball
Rage LED
Sound activated*
Radiant LED
Sound activated*
Astro LED
Sound activated*
Super Nova LED
Sound activated*
Gobo Shot 60w
Fusion Colour 803 LED
Sound activated*
Sound activated*
LED Hex Colour Par
Sound activated*
Remote 24V RGBW
Flood Light
Fog Machine 1500 watt

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