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Mood Up lighting


Create the perfect mood for your wedding reception or event with the use of professional up lighting.

These lights can be placed around your venue to enhance and light up walls, features, trees or backdrops. We have the ability to produce a large range of colours to suit your decor and they can be used for both indoor or outdoors.

fairy lights KBR.jpg

Fairy Lights and Fairy Light Canopies

Fairy lights are a great way to add a relaxing ambience or an air of romance to any space. Our fairy lights are of commercial grade and designed to operate safely indoors or outdoors. Consisting of a high number of bright leds per metre our fairy lights will bring a starry atmosphere to any event.

fairy light canopy Laloli.jpg
Fringe fairy light canopy.jpg
fairy light tunnel.jpg
fairy light canopy Bali Hai 12x9.jpg

Festoon Lighting

The festoon lights are perfect for decorating entertaining areas and combine the traditional look of bulbs with LED technology for a stylish decorative lighting solution. Our festoon lights are of commercial quality and can safely be used indoors or outdoors. Decorative globes are supplied with the festoon lights which also can be controlled through a dimmer if required.

The choice of white lanterns, gold cages and droppers may also be added to any number of globes to suit your decor needs.

Festoon lights circular 10.jpg
festoon lights Sea Temple 2.jpg
festoon lights Trinty Beach Palace.jpg
Lanterns Peppers 2.jpg
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